Unique Shopping Experiences in Newcastle

If you’re looking for a great place to visit for your vacation, Australia might have been part of your list. You will find yourself immersed in Australia's amazing landscape beauty, wonderful people to meet, and out-of-this-world wildlife adventure. When you get to Australia, you want to visit and have unique shopping experiences in Newcastle, a lively city 160km north of Sydney.

Newcastle is filled with amazing people and perfectly situated near beaches and coastlines. It is home to superlative wineries, a world-heritage rainforest, Australia’s biggest salt-water lake, and world-class restaurants. This wonderful city is also a thriving local economy, mainly composed of amazing businesses that provide top-notch services and products.

This one of a kind city is home for friendly, welcoming, and highly hospitable locals. If you want to fully experience Newcastle, I highly recommend visiting some of the local businesses we have listed below:


Olive Tree Market

Civic Park Newcastle 2300


If you are a fan of art and want to meet local artists, then this is the place to be! Olive Tree Market is only 15 minutes walk from Quality Apartments City Centre Newcastle.

Founded in 2008 by the local artisan community, Olive Market has been serving as a platform to share wonderful products and services. It is the leading contemporary handmade art and design market in the area. It is an avenue where local businesses showcase their ideas and novelties to the community around them. Currently expanding, new talented makers and designers are joining the market on a monthly basis, which gives the community a plethora of new innovations to appreciate and admire.

The Olive Tree Market has a very diverse collection of art, which includes photography, illustration, fashion, ceramics, homewares, jewelry, printmaking, sustainable design, textile arts, wood and metal work, painting and handmade children’s clothing and toys. Additionally, there is a dedicated place for gourmet artisan produce and delicious food from around the world.

When you visit the Olive Tree Market, you will find yourself in awe with all of the wonderful designs made by artists while being fully serenaded by the sound of independent live bands. The community is very accommodating and the artists are really approachable. You will be able to share ideas with them as you cruise through the unending creativity exuded within the entire community.


Newcastle City Farmers Market

Broadmeadow NSW 2292, Australia


A short 11 minutes drive from Quality Apartments City Centre Newcastle, Newcastle City Farmers Market is home for all natural and locally grown products. The locally produced products in the market are 100% organic and fresh.

Farmers, producers, and artisans from the community are very accommodating when it comes to your questions about their products. They will eagerly discuss the process of production, its source and even how to grow the crops yourself. The produce in the market is carefully cultivated and harvested by the farmers on a timely basis in order to provide the best quality product.

Newcastle City Farmers Market serves as the venue for the best and freshest local produce and gourmet delights. This includes special stalls for freshly grown crops, wines by local distilleries, gourmet food, artisan and lifestyle commodities, and even all-natural food agents that you can add to your home recipe.


Inner City Winemakers

28 Church Street, Wickham, NSW 2293

W: innercitywinemakers.com.au

If you are a wine connoisseur or just someone who is up for some great wine tasting, then Inner City Winemakers is a great place you can check out. It is a short 8-minute drive from Quality Apartments City Centre Newcastle and easily accessible by bus. It is conveniently situated near the commercial business district of the city and the harbor, so you won’t have any difficulties going to this amazing place.

If you have never had Australian wine before, this is the best place for you to try your first one. Their wines are intricately fermented into perfection from the finest quality grapes and carefully sourced from various regions of New South Wales. 

Inner City Winemakers are also known for their immersive wine tasting events that provide guests with an outstanding blend of cheese platters and a variety of high-quality wines, thoughtfully mixed together with a lovely ambiance, fully making this a one of a kind experience. 


Cooks Hill Books and Records

72 Darby St, Cooks Hill NSW 2300, Australia

W: www.facebook.com/CooksHillBooks

Nowadays people are really into retro stuff, from vintage vinyl to antique books, because of the nostalgia and rarity.

Established in 1985, Cooks Hill Books and Records is an antiquarian bookroom that offers a wide array of literary masterpieces and retro vinyl records. Their books have an eclectic range subject such as Religion, Occult, Australiana, SciFi, Self-help, and etc.

The accommodating staff eager and ready to assist you and could even give you recommendations on what record or book will suit your taste.  Cooks Hill Books and Records is only a 15-minute walk from Quality Apartments City Centre Newcastle.


The Retro Wardrobe

1/133 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW 2303, Australia

W: www.facebook.com/secondarywares/

This boutique store is a remarkable place where you can get top quality vintage goods. Situated in Beaumont St., a 10-minute drive from Quality Apartments City Centre Newcastle and easily accessible via Bolton - King St. You can easily dress up your home and revamp your closet with a quick visit to The Retro Wardrobe.

Their beautifully crafted windows will entice you to go in, but the vintage decorations and ambiance will keep you submerged in an experience like no other. They offer a variety of vintage second-hand goods that are great for both men and women.

Products like handbags, jewelry, hats, furniture, home décor, vintage suitcases, and even some unusually rare find are available at an affordable price. You would discover something new every time you visit because they have new pieces arriving daily making your finds more special. Drop by The Retro Wardrobe and spend hours upon hours of nostalgic heaven.


Coliseum Antiques

118 Maitland Rd, Mayfield NSW 2304, Australia

W: www.coliseumantiques.com.au

The Coliseum Antiques is the largest antique center in all of Newcastle. This store is home for friendly and passionate dealers as well as a wide range of products and 26 different dealing spaces.

This cultural space is captivating by wonders within its walls because their collection is constantly expanding and shifting. Their knowledgeable dealers are always open to sharing new information on the pieces you would like to check out. They have vintage furniture, ceramics, jewelry, glassware, and many more.

Aside from being a place of active trading, Coliseum Antiques can also offer repair services to your vintage collections. The accept repair services for Valve radio and Amplifier, Retro stereo and record players, vintage telephones, old lamps and lights, as well as, vintage fans. Just bring in the item that needs repair, and they will give you a quotation, free of charge.

Hidden within the paradise of vintage collections lies Vincent's cafe. Vincent’s Café is a place where you can relax and read a book while sipping on their locally sourced, freshly brewed, a cup of coffee. If you want to own a piece of history then this is the perfect place for you.

 Coliseum Antiques is located at Maitland Rd, a short 12 minutes drive from your apartment.

Graphic Action Comics

572 Hunter St, Newcastle West NSW 2302, Australia

W: www.graphicaction.com.au

Another place that will send you on a trip on the memory lane is a comic book store in Newcastle, Graphic Action Comics. It is a place to go to when you want to relax and read vintage and contemporary comics. You may also look for great superhero related novelties and collectibles, and mingle with other comic book fans. They have an outstanding store crew that is also comic book heads, and they can help you catch up on new stories, new releases, and even new information about the heroes that you love.

That being said, if you are a comic book fan, then this is the place to be. The Graphic Action Comics is a short 5-minutes drive from Quality Apartments City Centre Newcastle.

Forever Christmas

199 Maitland Rd, Mayfield NSW 2304, Australia

W: www.foreverchristmas.com.au

We all love holidays. Whether it’s Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and especially Christmas, but these holidays are seasonal and are not all year long. To some people, Christmas brings them back to the good old days where the excitement of opening presents, mesmerizing Christmas lights display, and the cold winter wind in the air is an experience they want to relive over and over again. Forever Christmas, Australia's biggest themed store is perfectly situated in Newcastle. You may visit their shop from your apartment via Bolton St at King St bus 11 - a short 21-minute bus ride.

It offers a wide variety of decorations, gifts, and other Christmas souvenirs all year long. While their name may say Forever Christmas, the store also offer products for other holidays such as Halloween, Easter and Birthdays. Being a family run business, the staff and crew provide an amazing and heartfelt service.


Curve Gallery and Studios

61 Hunter St, Newcastle, N.S.W Australia

W: curvegallery.com

This is an independent gallery with fresh contemporary artworks, open for everyone’s enjoyment. Originally located in Liverpool, UK, this contemporary art space relocated to Newcastle, Australia. It plays a crucial part in the city’s cultural landscape with solid ties to the local scene while also maintaining strong relations and an acute awareness of developments internationally, in contemporary art and design. Find yourself fully indulged with their diverse collection of paintings, sculpture, and etc. while featuring exhibits from local and international artists. They also offer open spaces for artists who want to exhibit their artworks and even screenplays.  Feast your eyes on their wonderful collection and share different ideas with the artists. The best part is, Curve Gallery and Studios is just around the corner from your Quality Apartments City Centre Newcastle.

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